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About Us

Welcome to Canada Municipal Jobs!

Now more than ever, jobs in the municipal sector are becoming more and more specialized requiring candidates with a specific blend of experience, education and certifications. We continue to deliver great service and excellent value to our municipal clients by attracting an ever-growing number of relevant and qualified visitors to our website on a daily basis. The Canada Municipal Jobs website successfully welcomes nearly 30,000 serious municipal jobs seekers every month.

Which is why we say:
“The Right Candidate is Looking for You!”

The Canada Municipal Jobs website has a unique job listing page for each of the ten provinces and 3 territories and great features such as mapping, job categories and the very popular email notification service, making it the user-friendliest municipal job bank anywhere in Canada.

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Our Mission

Canada Municipal Jobs Inc. is a customer-first organization. Our Mission is to provide a fresh, professional and central forum whereby municipalities across Canada can post their respective job opportunities on one website.

We achieve our Mission by actively attracting and retaining a diverse group of visitors. Our website’s features are unique and easy to navigate and all job opportunities are accurate and relevant to the municipal sector.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Canada Municipal Jobs Inc. is to be the primary resource for searching municipal jobs in Canada.

We achieve our Vision by offering the best value and best service to our Municipal Clients ensuring that all job opportunities posted are complete and free of errors and represent the quality desired of the candidates they are recruiting. Municipalities benefit from the exposure of their job vacancy to tens of thousands of visitors on one central website.

We also achieve our Vision by offering our Visitors a long list of active municipal job opportunities throughout Canada on a website that is user-friendly and offers unique features that promote return visits. Our Visitors are current municipal employees looking to ramp up their career and newcomers seeking to enter the municipal sector by leveraging their post-secondary degree or diploma and/or relevant experience.


André Ouellette, is a bilingual Partner in Canada Municipal Jobs Inc., who conceived and founded the company in 2006. A business graduate of Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON), André has worked in various sectors including manufacturing, wholesale and retail. André has worked with and within the municipal sector since 1999 and thoroughly understands the needs of his municipal clients. He is formerly a municipal councillor and formerly a school board trustee where he held the title of vice-chair and chairperson.

André is responsible for Customer Service, Business Development and Marketing. Throughout his career, he has been a key proponent of excellent customer service and focuses his efforts to ensure that all clients and visitors to the Canada Municipal Jobs website are 100% fully satisfied with the service they receive and the results achieved. You can reach André at andre@canadamunicipaljobs.com.

Chrissy Feenstra, Partner in Canada Municipal Jobs Inc., joined the company in 2009. Since graduating from Lambton College in Sarnia, her diverse career experience includes administrative and management responsibilities in the private sector as well as in a municipal environment having once worked for a Town in Southwestern Ontario. She also dealt with several municipalities on a daily basis in her role as Account Service Representative with a provincial government agency.

Chrissy is responsible for Customer Service and Quality Control ensuring that our clients are receiving nothing but the best service. All job opportunities posted on our website are read and reviewed for accuracy and properly represent the quality that our clients wish to project in recruiting the best possible candidates. You can reach Chrissy at chrissy@canadamunicipaljobs.com.

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